A George II oak and elm joined cricket table, circa 1730

The legs with tri-form stretcher 

23.1/4in. (59 cm) diameter; 24.1/2in. (62 cm) high

Condition: It has been suggested that the top is possibly a marriage. There are additional old fixing holes in the top suggesting the top was formerly secured in a different configuration, or perhaps flipped. There is an old large burn mark to the centre of the underside of the table, and further surrounding burn marks in other areas to the underside. The top and legs have a rich and characterful patination. Other than this the natural wear and tear one might expect of a piece of this age and use. 

Comparative Literature: Victor Chinnery, Oak Furniture The British Tradition. ACC Art Books Ltd, Revised edition 2016. A joined cricket table with comparable stretcher is illustrated pl. 3:183. 

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cricket table Chinnery.jpg