A pair of German World War II 10X80 45 degree 'flak glass' binoculars by Emil Busch A_G Rathenow, circa 1940

Marked DF. 10X80 CXN, with serial numbers 110420/76822, with four adjustable filters, adjustable transverse, and adjustable eyepieces, the lenses with hairline sights, with rubber adjustable visor; mounted on a later bespoke alluminium pivoting frame; with contemporary adjustable tripod stand

Used by German anti-aircraft batteries for spotting aircraft in WWII the 10x80 Flak Binoculars had a very wide field of view and the lenses are inclined at 45 degrees for easy viewing.

Condition: The binoculars in good order and all elemts functioning with clear unhazed lenses. The surfaces re-painted. The adjustable legs to the stand are siezed and would benefit form the removal of the later painted surfaces to free them.   

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