Norwegian burr-birch peg tankard, late 18th century 

The cover carved in relief with a lion, the thumbpiece modelled with a lion passant, and on recumbent lion feet - 9.1/4in. (23.5 cm) high

Ceremonial peg tankards of silver and wood have been used since the 17th century. The lions on the cover, thumbpiece and feet of this example symbolise the Royal emblem of Norway. They were commonly used at weddings and other family celebrations, passed on and used through the generations. The term 'peg' refers to the pins applied to the inner side of some tankards, indicating the volume of ale or other conncoction to be drunk by the individual as the tankard was passed around in a communal drinking session. 

Condition: Minor wear and tear consistent with the pieces age and use. A small old shrinkage crack to the base on one sirde.