Alan Newnham is a commercial food photographer based in Clapham, South London. From there he photographs a wide range of large brands for advertising campaigns and packaging ranges.

He has also worked on a number of personal projects in the area of food, flowers and still lives. The photographs shown here are taken from a range exhibited last year entitled ‘Patina’. They are a series of everyday objects photographed on contrasting backgrounds to highlight the detail and beauty of the ageing process.

All images are high resolution colour giclee prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper. They have been carefully paired with hand painted frames to create individual unique pieces of work.

To see more of his work and further pictures in the Patina series go to :

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All the following prints are currently on view at the Affordable Art Fair at Hampstead, stand G2, until 6pm on Sunday 12th May 2019.

Pewter knife and fork 46 x 54cm £800

Besset Knife 39 x 45cm £800

 Black bone handled knife 60 x 69cm £900

Large metal spoon 53 x 81cm £950

Six silver spoons 48 x 59cm £800

Scissors 74 x 102cm £1800

Serving spoon 112 x 127cm £2500

The Wonder Shredder 82 x 92cm £1600

Scissors 53 x 63cm (sold)

Grape knife and fork 46 x 65cm £900

Knife and fork 58 x 78cm £950

Bordeaux knives 75 x 85cm (sold)

Two spoons 75 x 88cm £1200

Floral butter knife 46 x 58cm (sold)

Five spoons 50 x 60cm £800

Pewter forks and spoons 56 x 71cm £950

James Heeley & Sons Corkscrew 48 x 58cm £800

Metal whisk 64 x 90cm £1200



 Peter trained as an artist at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, the Slade School (1979-1983), London University and then post-graduate at the Royal Academy Schools (1984-1987). He was initially influenced by the teaching of Ewan Uglow and specialized in working from the life model which he continued at post graduate level. He attended the Royal Academy Schools at the time of Peter Greenham RA and Norman Adams.RA. During his early years of teaching adult education at Tunbridge Wells, he encountered the more radical (anti-academic) theories and practice of Roy Oxlade, which influenced his approach to his own drawing and painting as well as his teaching. He became fascinated with the idea of finding a synthesis between contrasting artistic elements such as form and color, observation and invention, analysis and intuition.

Peter’s prints demonstrate that he has formed a means of holding these sometimes conflicting artistic elements in a creative tension. They are fresh, immediate and full of expressive color yet the forms are held in a strong structure of drawing. Peter also credits his passion for songwriting for helping to liberate his artwork from preconceived formats and increasing his ability to improvise.

While at the Royal Academy of Arts, Peter created the RA Outreach programme, taking creativity workshops with the artist’s life model into schools nationwide. He ran this programme for twenty years, staged three exhibitions of young people’s work at the Academy and as a result was asked to contribute to executive programmes at the London Business School. There, he helps leaders and managers to understand more about the nature of creativity and the connection between art and business. For the last fifteen years, Peter has been an external consultant at the LBS. He has designed creative learning programmes for companies including Deutsche Bank, A.T.Kearney, Givaudan, M&S, McLaren Automotive, Unilever, Estée Lauder and Jo Malone.

Peter believes in Renaissance thinking and in the power of cross fertilization between subjects, encouraging managers to realize that solutions can occur by employing subjects outside your own skill base.

He has recently been applying his artistic talents through the digital medium of ipad drawings, which are then reproduced in very limited edition print form, beautifully and sympathetically framed. I will be representing Peter at the Hampstead Affordable Art Fair this coming week between the 9th and 12th of May 2019. Below is a selection of works that will be offered. 

Orange Necklace. Edition size 10. Image size 76 x 89cm. Framed 94 x 107cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.


Flame. Edition size 10. Image size 101 x 76cm. Framed 119 x 94cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.


Standing in the Light. Edition size 10. Image sze 106 x 56cm. Framed 124 x 75cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Simplicity. Edision size 10. Image size 95 x 74.5cm. Framed 104.5x 94cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.


Striking a Pose. Edition size 10. Image size 95.5. x 76cm. Framed 114 x 94cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

An Evening Out. Edition size 10. Image size 84 x 75.5cm. Framed 102 x 94cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Peter Moolan-Feroze 'Pear'.jpg

The Pear. Edition size 10. Image size 100 x 76cm. Framed 118.5 x 94cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Her Kiss. Edition size 10. Image size 106.5 x 56.5cm. Framed 124.5 x 74cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

A Quiet Moment. Edition size 10. Image size 76 x 90cm. Framed 94 x 108cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Tulip. Edition 10. Image size 106 x 61cm. Framed 124.5 x 79cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Moonlight. Edition size 10. Image size 100.5 x 68.5cm. Framed 119 x 86cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Playful Design. Edition size 10. Image size 106 x 68cm. Framed size 124 x 86.5cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Sea Godess. Edition size 10. Image size 78 x 82cm. Framed 94.5 x 98.5cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Exotic. Edition size 10. Image size 76 x 76cm. Framed 94 x 94cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Watching the Moon. Edition size 10. Image size 106 x 77cm. Framed 124.5 x 95cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Dreams. Edition size 10. Image size 76 x 75cm. Framed 94.5 x 94.5cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.

Life Study With Soft Light. Edition size 10. Image size 87 x 75cm. Framed 106.5 x 94cm. Framed £1800, unframed £1400.




Nic studied Fine Art at Carlisle College and Sunderland Polytechnic between 1976 and 1980. After graduating he acquired a studio in Queen Street on the Newcastle Quayside, and for the next three years exhibited in a number of group shows across the north east of England. During that period he supplemented his income working as a stage hand and technician for the Tyne and Wear Theatre Company at the Newcastle Playhouse. He met his wife Louisa there when she joined for a season as assistant stage manager. He followed Louisa back to London when the season finished in 1983, and a few months later joined Christie's South Kensington as a porter. 

He joined Christie's on a six week contract to cover the main porters on their summer holidays, and at the end of his contract Christie's offered him a permanent role. Nic spent the next 33 years at Christie's South Kensington, ending up as Chairman of the company until its colsure in 2017. 

Despite a busy and fruitful career at Christie's Nic always found time to continue his work as an artist, exhibiting his work occassionaly and regularly at the annual Christie's staff exhibitions. His influences are wide and varied thanks to his years at Christie's. In his new multi-faceted role as an art dealer/consultant and advisor he now hopes to also devote more time his first passion.